Foodie Friday: Juices & Smoothies

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After dealing with a bout of food poisoning last weekend my appetite still has yet to return. Unfortunately I can’t just stop eating for a week, so I’ve been eating a lot of GF oatmeal, sweet potatoes, bananas and smoothies.

I’ve always been a big juice/smoothie girl because of both convenience and health benefits. I started off strictly juicing, but ever since I got my Vitamix (thanks mom!) I’ve been really loving smoothies. Here are some of my favorite juice & smoothie recipes. Great for pregnancy, birth & postpartum.


Ginger Cucumber Detox Juice This would be great for women trying to get pregnant to help with removing toxins, and also for boosting your immune system for mamas who are catching a cold.

Green Lemonade Still an all time favorite

“Chocolate Milk” Two ingredient: Carrot & Romaine. No joke, tastes like chocolate milk.

Immune Juice For everyone who is getting that nasty cold and flu that’s running around town

Miracle Cure Juice Beets are great for building blood and helps to make new red blood cells (great for postpartum!)



Vanilla Almond Chai Green Smoothie (I leave out the stevia when I make it, but totally up to you!)

Classic Green Monster I was recently in Austin Texas and had another version of this with broccoli, peanut butter, coconut water, banana & spinach. Love the coconut water addition for extra hydration.

Purple Smoothie  My husband actually really liked this one

Vegan Pumpkin Banana Smoothie I know this is more of a fall smoothie, but I love pumpkin!

Blueberry Basil Smoothie I stick with the blueberry basil combo, but I’m sure adding blackberries to the mix would be good as well



Freeze things ahead of time. Wash and chop all your fruit and veggies when you get home from the store and package them in single servings in the freezer.

I like this idea Spinach Kale Smoothie Starter

Use my homemade Almond Milk Recipe for the smoothie recipes

If juicing, it’s best to juice daily. You can still prep and chop all the ingredients and keep them in ready to go containers in your fridge.

5 Tips for Visiting a New Baby

By youronebirth



1. Bring food (and beer for Dad)

There’s not a whole lot of time in between swaddling, changing diapers, feedings & more diaper changing for parents to eat, let alone make a meal. Moms who are breastfeeding need to eat constantly throughout the day because they are burning so many calories, and no one wants a hangry dad.  If you don’t have time to make something, pick up a meal from their favorite restaurant. If you live out of town, organize a meal planning service like Meal Train or Meal Baby. Oh, and bring dad beer! There’s a lot of attention placed on mom and baby during the postpartum time, as there should be, but dads need some love too. Help dad decompress with a beer and ask him how he’s doing.

2. Don’t stay long

Parents are exhausted! 30 minute visits are ideal for those first couple weeks home. Call ahead of time to see if now would be a good time to swing by. There is a lot of self care that happens during the postpartum period, things like pumping, hemorrhoid care, and the desire to walk around the house topless. Be sensitive to the fact that their downtime is precious and they may have already had 2 other visitors that day.

3. Help out around the house

There is always something that can be done. Take out the garbage, bring the dog for a walk, start a load of laundry, offer to run an errand etc.

4. Don’t expect to hold the baby

Change your expectations for the visit. It’s better for the baby’s still developing immune system to stay close to mom or dad, not to be held by a bunch of germy visitors. If you are given the wonderful opportunity to hold the baby, wash your hands. If you are a close friend or family member, you could always offer to hold the baby while mom takes a shower, eats lunch or grabs a quick nap.

5. Listen

Giving birth is a momentous life changing event that can be a positive experience or negative one. Moms, and dads too, may need to process the birth story, especially if it was a scary one. Be there to listen and affirm their feelings. Try to put aside judgement and opinions on what they should or could do differently. Just be there for them. And, please, if they are feeling upset about a part of the birth experience don’t say, “Well, at least you have a healthy baby, that’s the most important thing.”

And, of course, a hug can always go a long way.


*For more tips on visiting new parents check out Williamsburg Mothering 

Foodie Friday: Cha-Cha-Cha Chia Pudding!

By youronebirth

This is a recipe that a few of my postpartum mamas really like. It’s really easy to make and you can get creative with it.

Chia seeds are amazing for so many reasons. They are a good source of protein, omega-3′s and fiber, and they are plant based so they can be consumed by vegetarians, vegans & us omnivores. Ever buy one of those Chia Pets in the ’80′s!? Yep, same seed : ) Chia also means “strength” and who wouldn’t want to feel a little bit stronger?

Fiber is an important part of your diet after having a baby, well, because it helps you poop. If you’re not into the pudding idea, throw some chia seeds on top of your salad, or add them to your smoothie.

Happy eating!


Foodie Friday: Gummy Bears…not just for kids!

By youronebirth

As a doula I’m always trying to find healthy, tasty snacks for moms to eat in labor, and for my postpartum mamas to have on hand during the first few weeks home. Things like coconut water, bananas, frozen grapes & smoothies are all great, but at the end of it all, those things break down to sugar. My warrior mamas and breastfeeding champions are going to need some protein & healthy carbs.

Elana’s Pantry has a great recipe that’s tasty, simple & high in protein…and let’s be real, who can deny gummy bears!?

So, where can you find the goods to make these yummy gummy bears, you ask? First ditch the idea of Jell-O gelatin, the fake colored gelatin. Great Lakes Unflavored gelatin is what you want. And here is the mold so you will have perfectly shaped bears.


Optional: Elana’s Pantry adds 1/4 tsp. of stevia with the lemon juice, but for me the juice is sweet enough.

Happy 1st Birthday Sophia!

By youronebirth

It’s hard to believe that a whole year has gone by since sweet Sophia made her debut. I’m so excited that I have the afternoon off so I can celebrate this day with Sophia and her mom all over again. Sophia

Foodie Friday: Homemade Almond Milk

By youronebirth

One of the goals that I set for myself this year is to make more things from scratch. Because I have food allergies it’s become a habit to read every single label. Lately I’ve been taking notice of how many foods have things like guar gum, xantham gum & carrageenan (Whole Green Love gives a great breakdown of why carrageenan is not so great for us). While not all additives are necessarily bad for us, I’d like to eat as clean and natural as possible. Since I’m dairy free, I’ve been using coconut milk or almond milk in my smoothies quite a bit so I thought this would be a good place to start in my cooking from scratch endeavor. I always thought making almond milk sounded like a lot of work, but after chatting with my good doula friend, Ashley, she convinced me otherwise and gave me this super simple, super delicious almond milk recipe. Let me know what you think : )



Picnic in the Park

By youronebirth

Can you believe this amazing weather we’re having! Hope everyone’s staying hydrated : )

We certainly took advantage of the weather and enjoyed a leisurely day in the shade for this month’s Picnic in the Park.


So excited little Maite came to join us for the first picnic of the year…this time outside of Mirasol’s tummy : )






2 months old & all smiles

By youronebirth

For the past 2 months I have had the great opportunity to be this little guy’s postpartum doula. Baby G is the sweetest little thing and I really enjoy spending my nights with him. How could you not fall in love with that smile! photo (12)

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