Farewell 2014

By youronebirth

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There’s something so special about the last day of the year. Every new year’s eve I sit down with a pot of tea, light a candle and write. I love creating a space and carving out time to reflect. It’s my way of saying thank you to what the year has taught me.

Today I feel a reverence for what these past 364 days have brought into my life, especially into my doula life. To be a witness to new life is beyond incredible. I don’t think there is a word to truly describe the feeling I get when I go to births or support a family when they just get home. Part of the reason I love being a doula so much is that there is constant growth. Every time I think I know something about birth, like really really have a grasp on it, the next birth teaches me I’m wrong. I’m such a planner, and I love to know what’s going to happen next. But with birth, there is no knowing. This is a continual lesson in my life, and one of the many reasons I believe I needed to become a doula. Supporting birth is the one area that I have the opportunity to abandon the planner in me…I really have no other option. Each baby is teaching me to let go, it’s ok not to know and to trust life. I don’t have to have all the answers, I just need to be present and observe. This hasn’t always been easy, but it’s getting easier to step back and watch life unfold. I am so grateful for each and every little being that taught me to let go a little more this year.

Ruhan, Bodhi, Kamilah, Luca, Camilla, Kate, Gage, Jai, Duran, Banyan & Akasha, Bodhi, Cali, Eliana, Jonas, Olivia, Grace, Jude, and River thank you for coming into my life this year and for allowing me to be apart of yours. (Check out all these little cuties here >)

Happiest New Year!

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