Foodie Friday: Think. Eat. Live.

By youronebirth

Wow, it’s been some time since I posted for Foodie Friday. What better time to get back into Foodie Fridays than fall and upcoming holiday season!

I recently found out about a new company called Think. Eat. Live. The company was started by two former clients of my nutritionist, Diana Fatayerji. I knew that if she had a hand in helping them come up with non-GMO and soy, nut, and dairy free products they would fall right into my diet. The question was…will they taste good? I’ve gone through a number of gluten free products and also made some from scratch, but they usually turn up dry and crumbly. I’m so happy to share that I love love love their Sunpower Bar Mix and can’t wait to try out their other products. The best part is you don’t have to be a good cook to make them. They’re incredibly simple to make and great to have on hand for a little extra protein and fiber (great for a snack while your breastfeeding postpartum : ). Check out more of their products here 


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