What’s in a Doula’s Bag?!

By youronebirth

All doulas have a doula bag. Some of us carry backpacks, some of us have duffles, some of us have very large purses…no matter the type we all of bag of tricks. If you’ve ever wondered what items a doula carries to a birth, wonder no more!


1. Deodorant – to keep us fresh!

2. Burt’s Bees Facial towelettes – to keep us and mom fresh

3. Breath mints – for everyone in the room, no mama likes the smell of bad breath

4. Calm powdered magnesium – Magnesium helps muscles to relax…great for doulas and moms

5. Straws!! - The most important and most used item in a doulas bag. That way when mama is lying down she can still drink water and stay hydrated.

6. Spoons – for moms to eat with (yogurt, honey, and oatmeal are all great things to eat in labor, but get messy!)

7. Almond Butter – for whoever is hungry, grab and apple or banana and you’ve got a great little energy boost

8. Essential oil diffuser – so the room smells pretty.

9. Instant coffee – for the middle of the night when the hospital cafeteria’s are closed

10. Battery operated candles - to transform any room into a spa experience

11. Essential Oils РMy favorites for labor are: Peppermint, Lavender, Serenity, and Grapefruit 

12. Hand Sanitizer – I don’t really trust mainstream sanitizer, but have full faith in Honest Company’s products

13.  Hair Ties Рfrom a local shop here in San Diego, Perfect Hair Ties

14. Chapstick – Made by yours truly :)

15. Scarf – this duels as a rebozo and something to keep me warm for chilly hospital nights

16. Earbuds – All moms should have these to tune everything else out.

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